As a printmaker, my work has always been filtered through process. The active visual creation is mediated by periods of careful and practiced craft. Through this way of working I am able to yield objects that are mysterious in origin and nature. That material profile is implicit with the content of the imagery, which is derived from a variety of natural, historic, and imagined sources. My images are influenced by cell structures, wave patterns, and topographical contours; ancient and modern architecture, astronomic and microscopic forms, and spaces where there is a crossover between the organic and the man-made. These forms are in a state of flux - stacking, multiplying, and accumulating as if they are proliferating and bursting from a kind of natural event. The work is intended to be an enigmatic and living phenomenon upon which a viewer could project their individual associations.

Lately my work has been transgressing media, though the essential graphic quality of the drawing remains. By using a variety of materials such as wire, fabric, paper, and various forms of print, I can layer more deeply and create a material richness.  

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